The next way you can blow by your defender is by utilizing a change of pace.  What a lot of players fail to realize is that it is easier to guard someone if they are going the same speed the entire game.

The offensive players that can decelerate and slow down, then EXPLODE to the next spot are the ones that create space for scoring opportunities.  When you have the basketball and are in a one on one situation, the goal is to force the defender to make a mistake or hesitate.  One great way to do this is simply attacking the defender and force them to get on your hip or shoulder.  When this happens to decelerate and slows down.  This will cause the defender to also decelerate and get out of position.  When the defender slows down, EXPLODE to the basket.  A lot of times, that little change in pace will get a defender to stand up or get out of their defensive stance.  It will give you the advantage to blow by him/her or pull up for your shot.