As a youth growing up in Capitol Heights, MD, my first love was football.  But at the age of 13, my passion for basketball took over and I’ve been in love with the game ever since.  I played basketball in both high school basketball and college and learned much from my coaches and mentors.  From those great men and women, I’ve developed a true appreciation of the game and my passion is now passing on my knowledge to young people today.

I got into basketball training because I saw a lack of development and respect for the game from young people.  Many kids had taken to liking the And1 and Harlem Globetrotters style of play.  While entertaining, it’s not fundamentally sound basketball.  I saw kids get more excited about a failed move made, than scoring the basketball.  I wanted to give what I learned back to the kids, and at the same time help them to appreciate and love the game as much as I do.